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Why Health Insurance?

Today technology is available to cure critical illnesses as well as basic health concerns. But, with this advancement comes the shooting prices of health care services which are beyond the reach of common man. Here, health insurance comes as a relief to rescue us in the difficult times of hospitalization. This includes in-patient treatments, pre and post hospitalization charges, day care procedures, domiciliary treatments, etc.


The New India Assurance Company Ltd

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  • Accident Insurance

    Imagine a healthy family of 4 people. The bread winner Ramesh, has life insurance and family floater policy. Suddenly on their way back home, there is an accident and Ramesh has a permanent disability in his legs. Will the life insurance and family floater help? Health insurance is for hospitalization and life insurance compensates death. But, what if there is disability due to accident?
    Accident Insurance takes care of these expenses should there be death or permanent disability due to accident.

    What does the policy cover?

    Accidental Death

    Accidental death coverage gives compensation on the policyholdera's death caused by bodily injury resulting out of accident and leading into death. The nominee will receive entire sum assured offered by the insurer.

    Accidental Disablement

    It indicates that the insured person is disabled from work, either wholly or partially.

    Accidental Dismemberment

    The policyholdera's body part has been dismembered or severed. It clearly means that the insured person loses his eyes, legs or hand, then only the insured person would be eligible to receive a claim under this coverage.

    Additional Benefits

    Funeral Expenses in case of accidental death Expenses incurred for transportation of policyholdera's dead body from the accident spot to the residence place

    Travel insurance

    We all have hectic life schedules, deadlines, work pressures and a time table to follow. And then, there is this time, a few days off from all this chaos, amidst nature and leisure, where we create memories to cherish with our loved ones.
    The thought of packing for a trip, not following the hectic time table itself, brings a smile on our face!

    What is Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance is simple a means to protect our happy times while travelling. Even if we know the country we are travelling to fairly well or are very careful about our planning, there are always certain things which are beyond our control.

    Types of Travel Insurance

    Various plans are available according to every individual's travel needs.

    1) Corporate Travel Insurance

    Under this plan, employees of an organization can receive coverage for both domestic and international trips.

    2) Domestic Travel Insurance

    This insurance type offers coverage for death, permanent disability, personal liability, travel delay, medical emergencies and checked-in stolen or lost luggage.

    3) International Travel Insurance

    It gives a comprehensive coverage for medical costs overseas, trip delays, loss of travel documents besides the regular coverage.

    4) Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    The plan is designed for people who belong to the age group 61-70 years and provides coverage for cashless hospitalization and dental treatments besides the general advantages related to travel plans.

    5) Student Travel Insurance

    It needs less paperwork involved in online travel insurance policies India and this comprehensive cover pay for expenses incurred because of medical treatment, study interruptions and passport loss.

    6) Individual Travel Insurance

    Under individual travel plan, insured is covered against trip curtailment, trip cancellation and home burglary.

    7) Family Travel Insurance

    It covers baggage loss, hospitalization expenses and other incidental costs. The claim disbursement is not difficult with less paperwork involved.

    What is Auto Insurance?

    Auto insurance policy is mandatory for vehicle owners as per Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988. This Plan is designed to give coverage for losses which insured might incur in case his gets stolen or damaged. The amount of Auto insurance premium is decided based on the Insured Declared Value of a car. The premium will increase, if you raise the IDV limit and vice versa.

    1) Comprehensive Coverage

    It is a complete package policy wherein own vehicle damages will be covered up to the Insured Declared value.

    Any third party property damage or third party injury/death can be covered.

    Policyholders feel less stressful as it gives end-to-end coverage.

    2)Third Party Liability Coverage

    In India, third party liability coverage is legally compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act.

    This vehicle insurance type offers coverage against all legal liabilities to a third party caused when insured is at-fault.

    It insures injury/damage caused by policyholder to third person or property.

    3) Collision Coverage

    It financially protects the policyholder against damage of insured’s own car.

    Collision coverage pays the policyholder for damage caused because

    Collision which generally occurs due to an accident.

    Loss or damage because of vandalism or theft

    Why do you need Add-On Covers / Additional Riders?

    This cover makes you eligible to claim the full amount for replacing damaged parts of your car.

    It doesn't consider the depreciation value of the parts and allows you to receive the entire claim amount. It is generally available for cars under three years

    What is not covered by Auto insurance?

    General Ageing, wear and tear

    Damage by a person driving without a valid driving license

    Mechanical or Electrical breakdown, failure

    Damage by a person driving under the influence of Liquor/Alcohol/Drugs

    Depreciation, any consequential loss

    Loss /Damage attributable to War /Mutiny /Nuclear risks

    Damage to tyres and tubes unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time in which case the liability of the company shall be limited to 50% of the cost of replacement

    Loss /Damage, outside India